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“Sukoon” an Arabic word, represents the state of mental calmness and harmony, a respite from chaos or busy life. It holds most important place in my life, the silent whisper of contentment that soothes the soul, the inner peace that cascades through mind and body, making me feel tranquil and relaxed, away from the hubbub of stressful life. My artwork reflects these simple yet joyous moments of life.

I make medium to large sized semi-abstract paintings. Through bold textures, I aim to capture the sense of motion and fluidity in my artworks. My practice involves acrylic and oil, along with mark making using pigment sticks, charcoal, or pastels. The first layer I put on canvas is using the color which allows me to connect with my emotion at that moment, building up layers using big flat brushstrokes, to reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and sound of the surroundings.

I often depict families and children reveling by the water or individuals soaking up the sun on the beach. For me, water bodies represent an intrinsic calmness and tranquility that I aim to translate onto the canvas.


Megha Nema was born and raised in a quaint town in Central India. She have been living in Singapore since 2009.

Nema did Masters in Biotechnology from Nagpur University, India, in 2006. She has done several short courses in drawing and painting in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore, and Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, over the period of 2010 – 2020. During these years, she has also learned under the guidance of few senior artists in Singapore.


Nema has done several group shows in galleries in Singapore, Malaysia and India. She have also participated five times in Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. She is presently engaged in a Masters in Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, which she aims to finish by 2025.

Gallery Displays

  • AAF Singapore with Studio Fine Art Gallery; Nov 2023

  • Solo Charity Auction at BNP Paribas Bank, Singapore, to support Asian Women Welfare Association, Singapore; Sep 2023

  • Group Charity Auction by Young for Causes, to support Mental Health Causes and the Youth; Aug 2023

  • Group exhibition by Women Artist Association Singapore at Chui Huey Lim Club; Aug 2023

  • Group exhibition ‘Homeland’ at Maya Gallery Singapore; Aug 2023

  • Group exhibition at Ion Orchard Gallery with Beone Art Gallery; Apr 2023

  • AAF Singapore with Studio Fine Art Gallery; Nov 2022

  • Group Exhibition at Studio Fine Art Gallery, Singapore; 2022

  • Group exhibition at Hollandse Club with Flipping Creative Women; 2022

  • Online Charity Art Auction by Hotlotz Singapore for the Ukraine Aid; March 2022

  • Atelier5 collective display at Grids Coffee, Chinatown; 2022

  • Online Charity Exhibition with Gnani Arts Singapore; 2021

  • The Substation with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2019

  • Swiss Club display; 2016

  • AAF Singapore with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2015

  • Affordable Art Fair, AAF, Singapore with Cabaleiro Art and Atelier; 2015

  • Art Expo Malaysia; 2014

  • Protsahan Charity exhibition at Goodman Arts Centre; 2014

  • Art Expo Malaysia; 2013

  • Ion Orchard Gallery with Gnani Arts; 2013

  • Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Singapore with The Gnani Arts; 2012

  • Renaissance Gallery, Bangalore; 2012





Please email for any enquiry or commissioning the painting.
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